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At Morillo Shk, we recognize that the presentation of artworks is as crucial as transportation and storage. That's why we provide professional installation services to ensure your artworks are displayed accurately and effectively.

Our installation team is comprised of experienced professionals with a keen eye for montage and a deep understanding of art manipulation techniques. Whether hanging paintings, installing sculptures or putting together an entire exhibition, our team has the experience and skill to carry out installations of any scale and complexity.

We offer bespoke installation solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each artwork and exhibition space. From gallery and art fair installations to residential and unconventional settings, we collaborate closely with clients to develop custom designs and layouts that enhance the aesthetic impact of their artworks.

Paseo de las Jacarandas 240,

Santa María Insurgentes

06430, Mexico City, CDMX
Tel. +52 (1) 55 8541 8427

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